Josh welcomes Janeen Herskovitz to the Theater!

Janeen is a licensed mental health counselor and owner of Puzzle Peace Counseling, LLC located in Ponte Vedra Florida and helps autism families live more peaceful lives. Her podcast, Autism Blueprint, covers a variety of topics surrounding autism in the home using her personal experiences as a mom and expertise as a psychotherapist to help spectrum families. 


If you’d like to see her as a client, you can find her at And make sure to check out her podcast (that Josh was a guest on) Autism Blueprint!


The book, The Reason I Jump, that Josh and Janeen talked about can be found here. 

Time Codes!

Get to know Janeen - 02:33

Movie Talk - 43:20

What have you learned from your clients? - 01:43:50

The Wrap Up - 01:49:27

If you live in Tennessee and are interested in seeing Josh as a client, you can find him at

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